RESPONSIBLE – Who is responsible for the processing of your data?

The company FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ is the owner of this website.

When you access this website, you will have the status of user. All data that FRANCISCOJOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ collects from the user through the use of the website andthe use of the forms in it will be treated according to the applicable legislation.

CONTACT – How to contact us?

Through any of the contact forms provided on the website.

PURPOSE – With what purpose do we treat your personal data?

By browsing the website of FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ, any user will onlysee their access or navigation data collected, which will not allow the identification of theuser in any case. This section is developed in the cookie policy section.

If there are private areas with user and password access, the above is not entirely valid andmechanisms could be established to help identify the registered user for greaterconvenience, thanks to the user database.

In addition, FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ will collect personal data from anycontact form on the website

We will treat the data provided by the user with the following purposes:

Answer the questions for whose we have been contacted.

If these are commercial datas, we can collect them for later commercial use, and alwayscomplying with the rights of the user who has given their consentAnalytical or statistical information that helps improve the contents of the website andunderstand the user’s behavior (previously informed through the cookies policy and privacypolicy)

Also, requesting prior to the data collection the user’s consent (by including a box that theuser has to mark), we will treat the data with the following purposes:

To be able to offer products and services according to their interests, the elaboration of acommercial profile, based on the information provided.Getting to know general habits of user navigation

USER’S OBLIGATIONS – Does the user have any obligation?

The user has the duty to provide the data requested by FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZARFERNÁNDEZ in a responsible manner. This implies that the data that the user providesrespond to their true identity and that they are current, complete and true.

Furthermore, in the event that any damage or loss is caused to the user or to third parties,as a consequence of failure to comply with obligations described herein, the user will besolely responsible for such damages.

RETENCIÓN – ¿Cuánto tiempo conservaremos tus datos?

Los datos personales proporcionados se conservarán mientras dure la relación mercantil, o hasta que el usuario no solicite su supresión. En el caso de que alguna legislación obligue a su tenencia durante más tiempo, se conservarán por el tiempo mínimo legal establecido en la norma oportuna (tributaria por ejemplo).

RETENTION – How long will we keep your data?

The personal data provided will be kept for the duration of the commercial relationship, oruntil the user does not request its deletion. In the event that some legislation obliges its retention for a longer period of time, it will be kept for the minimum legal time established inthe appropriate regulation (tax, for example)

RECIPIENTS – To which recipients will your data be communicated?

Your data will not be transmitted to third parties. If, for the execution of the contract, suchtransmission is necessary, you will be notified in advance and your consent will be required.Unless claimed by the body and forces of the state or other administrative or legal authority.Is also allowed the transfer of datas to consultancies, providers of computer services or internet that are essential for the development of the activity of FRANCISCO JOSÉ DEIRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ.

Regarding the above, FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ will work so that anyperson authorized by the previous suppliers can work with absolute confidentiality in theprocessing of personal data and establish the appropriate security measures.

RIGHTS – What are your rights when you provide us with your information?

Any person will have the right to obtain confirmation on whether FRANCISCO JOSÉ DEIRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ is processing his personal data. Additionally, interested parties havethe right to:

Right to request access to personal data concerning the interested party,Right to request rectification,Right to request the deletion of data, if (among other reasons) these are no longer necessaryfor the purposes for which they were collected,Right to request the limitation of the processing of data, in which case they will only be keptfor the exercise or defense of claims.Right to object to the treatment, in which case the data will only be treated for legitimatecompelling reasons, or the exercise or defense of possible claims,Right to data portability.

SEGURITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY – How do we take care of protecting your data? Whathappens if there is a violation?

FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ has established the necessary securitymeasures to ensure that your personal data is not visible or communicated to third parties,and that your data is not subject to any type of unauthorized treatment. In case ofnon-compliance, we will contact those affected

FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ can not guarantee the absolute impregnabilityof the Internet network and therefore the violation of the data through fraudulent access tothem by third parties.

As for the hyperlinks / links to other pages that can be found on our website, we will not beresponsible for the contents that may be found on the websites to which the links lead to,without prejudice to the fact that we will act with the necessary diligence to eliminate any linkthat leads to illicit content or that injures the user’s assets, of which we have knowledge.

MODIFICATIONS – Can this policy change, and if so, can this affect your data?

In the case of minor changes, they will be communicated through this same website, with anupdate

If there are substantial changes in the Privacy Policy that mark differences with the givenacceptance, it will be communicated to the user.

APPLICABLE LAW – What is the applicable law in the processing of your data?

These privacy policies will be ruled by current Spanish regulations, as well as by the General DataProtection Regulations from May 25, 2018.

For the resolution of all disputes or issues related to this website or the activities developedwithin, Spanish legislation shall apply in all cases, to which the parties expressly submitthemselves. The mere usage of the services of this website presupposes the expressacceptance of the Spanish jurisdiction.

Likewise, and with the exception of what is stated in the following paragraph, the parties involvedagree that any litigation, discrepancy, question or claim resulting from the execution orinterpretation of these conditions or related to them, or other texts that may be present on thewebsite, will be definitively resolved by submission to the Courts and Tribunals of TUDELAexpressly waiving any other jurisdiction or jurisdictional demarcation that may be competent.

The previous paragraph will not be applicable in the event that one of the parties is a consumeror user according to the definition of the regulations for the protection of Consumers and Users(Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, whereby the consolidated text of the GeneralLaw for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws is approved), inwhich case, the place designated by this very legislation would be of preferential application.