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At Activa Experience we become part of your team throughout the shoot.

If your production company needs filming locations or any help with filming in the BardenasReales, you can trust Activa Productions. We are experts in locating the good spots forproductions in the Bardenas Reales.
Activa Productions is a company with experience in more than 70 audiovisual productions inphotography, advertising, video clip, film and TV.
In Activa Productions we become part of your team and help you locating the right places toshoot in in Bardenas Reales, in the Region of La Ribera de Navarra and its surroundings,providing you with a complete service for the realization of your production.
We perform locations, management and processing of permits and accompanimentthroughout the filming of video or photoshoot to solve any unforeseen event
Our production guides know the environment, the steps it takes with local entities and canrecommend different locations so that your production becomes a reality.
Our personalized and professional service makes each production unique because eachneed is different.
Some of the services we can offer:

Filming location, technical and logistic support, management of production services,obtaining permits, knowledgeable guide of the environment, drones, camera car, cranes,casting and local professionals.Stylists, cameras, directors, runners, production, art, props, scene vehicles. Catering service.Accommodation in fully equipped apartments (here redirect to Ruralsuite) for productionequipment with large private parking, ideal for trucks.

Our buggies are ideal as a camera car or to move between locations.
We speak Spanish, Catalan, English and French.
They already trusted us: Ridley Scott, Steven Glashier, Vanessa Paradis, Paloma Faith,Chrissie Hynde, Vanessa Martin, Lena Meyer, Cartier, Renault, Citroën, BMW, Jeep, Queenof Spade, Atmos, Heart Ibiza, Social Content Factory, David Locco, Le Bureau Film, JajaFilms, Kevin Chapter Productions, Mile et Une Productions, Nederlandse Publieke Omroep,BNNVARA, The sixth, Los Hygges, NATV, La Rioja TV.
Just give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest !

In Activa Experience we become part of your team and we help you locate Bardenas Reaelsexteriors, in general in the Ribera de Navarra region or surroundings, putting at yourdisposal a comprehensive service that goes from making available to you a knowledgeableguide of our environment, until the provision of all our technical and logistical support for thedevelopment of your project.

We have extensive experience in collaborations with film producers, shootings ofvideo-music clips, television advertising and press specialized in ecology and theenvironment, tourism and travel industry.


Trust our experience in national and international projects

Paloma Faith ‘Trouble with my baby’ (Videoclip)

Paloma Faith ”trouble with my baby”

The truth is that at each new step, whether as a model, presenter or singer, Paloma Faithearns more fame and it seems that with her third album, “A perfect Contradiction” stood atthe top of many lists around the world.

Great artist and adorable person. We had a great time shooting part of the video “Troublewith my baby” in the Natural Park of the Bardenas Reales. We were in charge of thelocations as well as the assistance with the required material and brought our technicalsupport as well.

For me, “Trouble with my baby” is one of the most interesting songs on the album and thefact that we took care of the locations in the Bardenas makes it special since we had a greattime and the result was fantastic.

Lena Meyer ‘Stardust’ (Videoclip)

Lena Meyer “Stardust”

Maybe you have not heard about Lena Meyer but if I tell you that she was the winner of theEurovision contest held in Oslo in 2010 with the catchy song “satellite”, it might refresh yourmemory, doesn’t it?

For the release of their third album “Stardust”, the producer decided to choose our hotel foraccommodation as well as to shoot some sequences. In addition, we were in charge of thelocations and the casting to shoot another video clip in the Bardenas, the song that gives itsname to the album “Stardust”.

Vanessa Paradis ‘Les spaces et el sentiments’ (Videoclip)

Vanessa Paradis “les spaces et el sentiments”

PFor the second title of the album “Love songs”, the romantic song “L’espace et lessentiments”, it was decided to look for a unique location and that is exactly where ActivaRuralSuite stepped in, as we were in charge of the locations in the Bardenas for thisbeautiful video. Like a ballet and shot in black and white, we see Vanessa Paradis and afamous dancer tour the beautiful landscape of the Bardenas

Chryssie Hynde ‘You or no one’ (Videoclip)

Chryssie Hynde “You or no one”

Who has not hummed or danced a song by the famous group The Pretenders? Its versatilesinger, Chryssie Hynde released his first solo album in 2014 “Stockholm” and for the secondsingle, “you or no one”, the location chosen to shoot the video clip was the Natural Park ofthe Bardenas Reales, also protected by a Unesco Reserve of Biosphere label.

Do you want us to tell you the curiosities of casting and shooting? From Activa RuralSuitewe were in charge of locating locations, casting and attending the director Steven Glashierand his partner Jack Wells during the filming.
The result can be seen here and if you want to hire the actors, both our friend IsmaelLoperena, the artist in charge of decorating our hotel with his work, as well as the quiet chow”Jagger”, faithful travel companion of Màrius and our commercial director, will be delighted tocollaborate again with the production crew.

Vanessa Martin – Complicidad ( Videoclip )

Remember the landscape of the cover photo of Vanessa Martin’s last album? That’s right,our beloved Bardenas Reales, in Navarra.
For the presentation of the first single of Vanessa Martin’s new album “Munay”, the chosenlocation was the desert of the Bardenas Reales, and of course, there was Activa Experiencecollaborating with the producer in the search of the best locations for the single”Complicidad”.
As you can see in the clip, the locations in the Bardenas are wonderful but also, the interiorscenes were filmed in our hotel, RuralSuite Hotel Apartments, more specifically in thesuite-apartment 9.


Trust our experience in national and international projects

Cartier ‘L’odyssee de cartier’ (Advertisement)

On the occasion of its 165th anniversary, the well-known brand of French jewelery andwatches, decided to make an epic short film with an investment of more than $ 5.3 millionsand more than two years of production in which the Bardenas Reales Natural Park appearsbetween locations as significant as the Taj Mahal or the Chinese wall, all complemented withspectacular special effects.

They used live animals like a panther and an elephant and … can you guess what hotelDumba, the famous elephant, stayed at? That’s right, In RuralSuite … Our “biggestcustomer” to date.

Citroën C4 (Advertisement)

The advertising of models C4 Picasso and the C4 Aircross have been shot in Bardenas, westill remember the waterspout that fell upon us during the filming … Luckily we could getshelter

7Seasons (Fashion)

We have worked among teams for different fashion campaigns since the landscape of theBardenas invites us to do so. One of the latest was for 7Seasons, a new German fashionbrand.

Renault Trucks (Advertising)

Nothing scares us. Big and bulky vehicles such as Renault Trucks? Well, we have alsocollaborated with them for their photoshoot in the Bardenas.


Trust our experience in national and international projects

Ridley Scott ‘The Counselor’ (Película)

If we mention the name of the Director Ridley Scott, you will of course think about moviessuch as “Blade Runner”, “Gladiator” or “Prometheus”. One of his last movie has been “TheCounselor” in which feature Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Brad Pitt yMichael Fassbender… One part of the movie has been shot here in the Bardenas. We couldtalk about curiosities of the filming for hours, for instance than our Quads were used to movegear and staff from places to others​.

Titán (Short)

Second place in the Navarra Film Festival

Imagine a lost astronaut on the largest moon on the planet Saturn. What would be your lastthoughts? How would you live those moments? These intense moments are reflected in thiswonderful short film with great mastery by the director Álvaro González and of course, whatbetter landscape to illustrate them than the Bardenas Reales?!

‘The Greasy Hand Preachers’ (Feature film)

Feature film presented at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

What is one of the common similarity of real bikers? I believe that the passion forpersonalized motorcycles is one of them. This surprising film was shot in different parts ofthe world, one of the chosen locations being the Natural Park of the Bardenas Reales. Onceagain Activa Experience was in the loop, managing the permits and helping in all thelogistical aspects such as putting our hands on an original tank of the civil war so that itcould appear in the film.

The best experts in biking customization met up, one of them being The Solitaire….But .. Who is The Solitaire? Just a worldwide reference in the customization of motorcyclesfrom a secret workshop Galícia

The final result, a great looking feature film in which impressive customized bikes appear inunique surroundings.


We are proud to collaborate with the Navarrese cinema

We also collaborate in the making of short films, short jn length but intense in emotions.

We have already told you that we participated in the shooting of the award-winning short film”TITAN” by Álvaro Gonzalez, in which the locations we selected in Bardenas were perfect torepresent the story of an astronaut on the surface of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. However,now we would like to explain our collaborations with Navarre projects, which we are alsovery proud of.

On the one hand, we were delighted to be able to collaborate in Julio Mazarico’s short film”Volver a nacer”, winner of the second prize and the public prize at the 3rd Navarra Tierra deCine Festival. The short film was shot in Arguedas, Tudela and of course in the BardenasReales. How the life of private detective Jon change while being on a mission in theBardenas? You can not miss this. Here we leave a link with the teaser and the making of:

On the other hand, in the 4th Navarra Tierra de Cine Festival, two short films took part inwhich we had the opportunity to collaborate, not only in the locations, but also in the cateringservice and our location manager, Paco Irizar, even premiered as an actor in a small cameo for the short of our friend Santiago Fernández “El Reencuentro”, winner of a well-deservedsecond prize. Filmed in Tudela and with a wonderful team of professionals.

Another short that participated was Borja Lezaun, “el Soldado”, shot in the Bardenas andBest Photography Award. A pleasure also to work with him and his team.


The Bardenas seen as never before on screen

Documentary broadcasted in France 2 in the program “Sans Frontières”

At the end of 2016 we participated in the filming of a special edition for the program “TéléMatin”, a morning program on France 2 since 1985.

It was definitely a contrasty day. We left RuralSuite, in Cascante, with a cold but sunny day.When driving through Tudela, the fog made an appearance and once in the Bardenas, wehad to comply with the popular saying “Mornings of fog, afternoons of walk”. And so it was,the fog eventually cleared up to make way for a wonderful sunny day, with a blue and brightsky, until that moment we ended up filming wearing short sleeves, in December!

The final result was a spectacular documentary on the Natural Park of the Bardenas Reales,a unique landscape yet to be discovered, a perfect space for all kind of visitors: couples,families, friends, company events, etc.

Our clients not only enjoyed the buggy and bike tours that we offered them, but also theexperience of being part of the shooting in the Bardenas Reales. A unique way to enjoy thevisit !


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