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In this section, the USER can find legal information related to the web area and in particularthose that define the relationships between the users and the owner responsible for thewebsite. As a user, it is essential that you know these terms and conditions in order tocontinue your browsing.

In this regard, this website complies with the RGPD (Regulation 2016/679 for the Protectionof Personal Datas), as well as the LSSI-CE, Law 34/2002, of July 11, which regulates theservices of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce

The information about the service we can provide, including rates, can be consulted bycontacting us through the forms provided on the website

3. ACCESS TO THE WEBSITEThe user can freely access to the website, excluding the cost of the connection through thetelecommunications network provided by the Internet Access Provider (ISP) contracted in itsname. On the website there may be private parties or services that require some form ofsubscription, in the form of a partnership for instance.

These contents are exempt from thisgratuity.As far as he is concerned, FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ informs that he isnot responsible for the provision of services and supplies by third parties, including transportthrough telecommunications networks, the reliability, quality, continuity and functioning donot imply his responsibility , and therefore the access can be suspended, canceled orinaccessible for technical reasons and especially in case of act of God.

In addition, FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ reserves the right to interrupt, ifnecessary, access to his website at any time and without prior notice, whether for reasons ofsecurity, control, maintenance, discontinuity of electricity supply or for any other reason. Ifthe interruption was definitive, this circumstance will only be communicated to those userswhom FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ considers to be determinant to inform.Consequently, in no case FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ is responsible forthe consequences of any interruptions, since it can not guarantee the reliability, availabilityor continuity of his website.

On the other hand, access to certain services or web pages may be exclusive to ourcustomers, suppliers, partners, members or employees, for which prerequisite registrationand acceptance, prior to the start of the service, of the particular conditions, which willreplace, complete and / or modify those established in this Legal Notice.


The use of the website by any person attributes the condition of User, which accepts that theuse is under his exclusive responsibility.The user commits himself not to use the information, activities, products or services thatFRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ places at his disposal to carry out activitiescontrary to law, moral or public order and, in general, to make a conforming use to thepresent General Conditions.In particular, the use of the website for purposes harmful to the property of FRANCISCOJOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ that in any other way overload, damage or disable thenetworks, servers and other computer equipment (hardware) or computer products andapplications (software ) of FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ or third parties, ifapplicable.The user can download the public content in PDF or request to download specific contentsinherent to the website and, when FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ deems itnecessary, he will inform this very user about the necessary technical specifications toproceed with the downloading of information and contents of the website.The user will refrain from obtaining, or attempting to obtain the Contents by means orprocedures other than those that in each case have been made available to them or haveindicated for that purpose or those that are normally used on the Internet. In this regard, theuser is requested to pay attention to these warning messages, since FRANCISCO JOSÉ DEIRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ is not responsible for any damages that may be altering the user’scomputer equipment because the user has improperly or negligently used it. Regarding theuse of interactive services that, in any way, allow the disclosure of content by the userthrough the website, such as the forum and, where appropriate, those others that may be offered in the future, it will be according to the law, the present Conditions, the particularconditions, the moral, the good customs and the public order.

The contents of the website are made available to the user by FRANCISCO JOSÉ DEIRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ as their own information or, where appropriate, from third parties.FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ will use reasonable means at his disposal sothat the content included on his website is accurate and up-to-date.

We reserve ourselves the right of admission of incoming links to the website (third partieslink to the website), especially if they do not fulfill the following obligations:

It is expressly forbidden to establish frames of any kind that involve the website or allow thedisplay of informations, activities, services or products through other Internet addresses thanthose of this website.

The link or the link page must not promote activities or put devices that are contrary to laws,moral or public order.
It is strictly prohibited to link false, inaccurate or incorrect statements about FRANCISCOJOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ, its users, partners, collegiate, suppliers, staff, the quality ofthe services provided, etc.

It is prohibited for the user to make use of the graphic designs or any other distinctive sign ofFRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ within its own website, except in the casesexpressly authorized by FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ.

The establishment of a hyperlink does not imply in any case the existence of relationsbetween FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ and the owner of the web page inwhich it can be established, nor the acceptance and approval by FRANCISCO JOSÉ DEIRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ of its contents or services.The authorizations referred to in the previous sections must be requested by writing throughthe contact channels of this website.

All contents of the website are the intellectual property of FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZARFERNÁNDEZ or third parties, unless otherwise specified. For a purely enunciative purpose,texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and otheraudiovisual or sound content, as well as their graphic design and source codes, are includedamong the contents.

Likewise, trademarks, trade names or distinctive signs are the exclusive property of FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ or, as the case may be, of third parties,unless otherwise specified.

The User must respect at all times all intellectual and industrial property rights on thewebsite, owned by FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ or third parties.The transfer of intellectual property rights over this website is expressly prohibited.In particular, the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, makingavailable, extraction, reuse, re-sending or the use of any nature, by any means or procedure,of any of them, except in cases that are legally permitted, is prohibited, that is, authorized bythe owner of the corresponding rights.Notwithstanding the foregoing, the user may view and obtain a temporary private copy of thecontent for their exclusive personal and private use in their computer systems (software andhardware), provided that it is not for the purpose of developing activities of a commercial orprofessional nature, nor as distribution, modification, alteration or decompilation purposes.The infraction of any of the aforementioned rights may constitute a violation of theseconditions, as well as an offense punishable in accordance with articles 270 and following ofthe Penal Code

On the website you can host advertising or sponsored content. Advertisers or sponsors aresolely responsible for ensuring that the material submitted for inclusion on the websitecomplies with the regulations that may apply in each case. FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE IRIZARFERNÁNDEZ will not be responsible for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that theadvertising content or the sponsors may contain, and / or the destinations of the same.

In any case, the user shall account for damages of any nature that FRANCISCO JOSÉ DEIRIZAR FERNÁNDEZ may suffer as a result of the breach of any of the obligations to whichit is subject by this Legal Notice or, as the case may be, the particular conditions that areapplicable

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11. LEGISLATION AND APPLICABLE JURISDICTIONThese privacy policies will be ruled by current Spanish regulations, as well as by theEuropean General Data Protection Regulations mentioned above.

For the resolution of all disputes or issues related to this website or the activities developedtherein, Spanish legislation shall apply in all cases, to which the parties expressly submitthemselves. The mere fact of the use of the services this website presupposes the expressacceptance of such acceptance of the Spanish jurisdiction.

likewise, and with the exception of what is stated in the following paragraph, the partiesinvolved agree that any litigation, discrepancy, question or claim resulting from the executionor interpretation of these conditions or related to them, or other texts that may be on the website, will be definitively resolved by submission to the Courts and Tribunals of TUDELAexpressly waiving any other jurisdiction or jurisdictional demarcation that may be competent.The previous paragraph will not be applicable in the event that one of the parties is aconsumer or user according to the definition of the regulations for the protection ofConsumers and Users (Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, whereby theconsolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and othercomplementary laws is approved), in which case, (and for a related conflict and protected bythe Law). In that case, the place designated in such legislation would be of preferential application.