​Adventure activities in the BardenasReales – Navarra

​Enjoy your guided tour in the Bardenas Reales by combining ours buggy 4×4.

Why not mixing together the freedom of a buggy and the comfort of our 4×4.

Havean unique and safe experience with our guided tours in the Bardenas, Navarra, Rioja and Aragon.

If you want to enjoy an experience in the Bardenas, whether infamily, with your partner, with your friends or just by yourself, a guided tourwith our vehicles is the best option. It combines the drivingof all-terrain vehicles like buggies and 4×4 with spectacular scenery.

​Would you like todiscover the wonderful landscapes offered by the Bardenas Reales desert?

Or maybe go to the Moncayo mountains and take a break at Altos de la Muga?

The Ribera of Navarra offers a very characteristic landscape and its nature isso diverse that in a few minutes you will witness a change from the spectacular semi-desertlandscape of the Bardenas Reales to the fertile valleys of the Ebroriver, without forgetting the olive trees and vineyards of the valley of the Queiles and Alhamarivers.

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Actividades de aventura

Tours in 4x4

Go through the Bardenas Reales desert all year round


Tours in quads -

An incomparable experience riding a quad through the Bardenas Reales desert.


Tours in buggy

Escape from your daily routine driving a buggy through the Bardenas Reales desert


Our most demanded route

​Discover with our guided tourss the unique desert landscape of the BardenasReales, one of the most surprising that you can enjoy in Navarre. Our itinerary focuses onthe Bardena Blanca (white Bardena), the big central depression of clay soil and abrupt relief​,the most characteristic landscape due to its original geomorphology as a result of erosion.Our guides in the Bardenas will help you getting to know its history through their experienceand explanations.

In the Bardenas Reales, only 5h routes are available (departure from our Hotel RuralSuite)


Choose your tour

We have tours adapted to all types of groups : individuals, couples, people with disabilities,stag and hen parties, companies, team-building, outdoor training, incentives, private events,etc…

1,5 hours route : Discover the Cierzo Mountains and the Queiles Valley in the Ribera de Navarra.

You will drive a buggy through Cascante, an ancient Celtiberian village that became an important Roman enclave (Cascantum). We will pass through the paths of the valley of the river Queiles, between olive groves and vineyards. We will enjoy the views on an ascent through the undulating profiles of the Cierzo mountains. We will finish at the Laguna de Lor, a beautiful artificially recreated natural reservoir of great importance for bird watching and fishing. 

5h tour: The Bardenas Reales

Our most complete and impressive tour, approximately 100 km of pure emotion and singularbeauty. We will depart from our hotel Ruralsuite and drive over the typical roads/paths of theLa Ribera de Navarra until we reach a hidden point where we will enjoy a spectacularpanoramic view of the Bardenas. Once in the Bardenas Reales, we will focus on theBardena Blanca, a landscape of abrupt reliefs, full of ravines and ridges of original forms dueto erosion. During the visit we will interpret the rich natural heritage of the park and we will talk about flora, fauna, geology, history, legends and anecdotes of famous people. On theway back we will drive alongside the banks of the Ebro river.

Do you want to know any curiosities? Airbag, El Consejero, 007 El Mundo Nunca esSuficiente, Juego de Tronos, Acción Mutante, Anacleto Agente Secreto.. there are ones offilms recorded in Bardenas , without forgetting some brands like Cartier, Citroën, Renault,Volcom… They all have filmed their advertising campaigns within the singular landscape ofthe Bardenas.

Let’s go to the movies

You will drive in the same locations as in famous music videos, movies and advertisingssuch as Game of Thrones, 007, Renault, Jeep, Citroen…

Get a glimpse of famous movies locations whose featured many celebrities such as VanessaParadis, Chrissie Hynde, Rydley Scott, Penelope Cruz and more.

Fire up your camera in emblematic places worthy of Hollywood and spectacular scenery.You sure will recognize some movies and series locations.

Where?: The Bardenas Reales de Navarra, Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve.This isEurope’s largest desert​.

How? You choose, 2 or 6-seat buggies or 4×4. Explore with our guides in Spanish, English,French or Catalan.

When : All year round.

Departures guaranteed.

Group expeditions and exclusive tours.

Make up your tour by mixing different types of vehicles.


Departures all year round

Price per vehicle 1 o 2 persons 6 people 4 adults + 2 Children
Route 5 horas: departure RuralSuite Hotel Apartamentos 330€ 550€ 350€
Route 4 horas 4×4: departure Cascante, Tudela, Arguedas … - - 250€
Cinema routes (*) 330€ 550€ 250€
(*) This route in a two-seater buggy or a 6-seater buggy carries an extra supplement of 200€ as it is exclusive.
WP Data Tables
out of Bardenas Reales
Two seater
Six seater
Price per vehicle 1 or 2 persons
Price per vehicle
Up to 6 people
Price per vehicle
4 adults + 2 children
Price per vehicle
1,5 hour tour: Montes de Cierzo, Laguna de Lor 150 € 250€ -
WP Data Tables

Buggies two or up until 6 seats valeted and homologated.
Drivers must be over 18 years old and with a valid driving licence.
Passengers under 7 years old must use a proper seat. We can provide seats elevators or child car seats.
We guarantee departures all yar round.
Guiding languages: Spanish, French and English.
Compliance with all current environmental protection regulations.
Guarantee of high quality vehicles ( Polaris buggies) . Constant review and maintenance by mechanical engineers.
Gift vouchers available.


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